Slave to Luxury ft. Mireya Ramos

by Velcro

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You're a slave to luxury
All chained down to a fantasy
You're a slave to luxury
Needing desperately all that you envy

[Verse 1]

You know who own the ships that got all you need, while you watch 'em dock
Just like you know you're next on our feed, on the auction block
With them strong shoulders, and child-bearing hips
You gon' take this PROMESA from your massa
Man, this never gets old
You don't matter, so your story will never get told
Keep thinking you own a life that you've never controlled
But hey, stick with me, and evade misery
My main victory's that you stay willingly close
You spickaninnies
You're bad hombres, but we're still amigos, I swear
Selling you dreams while I'm peddling schemes
With repercussions like all the medicine a veteran needs
We keep my way of life intact, and say I'm right at that
The order of things; you better believe... listen
This is a system of caste, and I insist that it last
You're bugged if you think it only exist in the past
Hating yourself for kissing this ass so much,
You gotta get tore up
Like dogs in Django; barely a man, though
You Solomon Northup


Let's get it

We got you complete with an overseer
Overs-overs-overs-Fiscal Board
To collect on your sweat because that debt is yours

I got a Jones to Act on all you own; get it?
And you say "give us free"
But neither of us gon' let it happen, admit it

[Verse 2]

Kick and scream all you want, boy
The fact of it is
You'd do exactly the same if you could
To take advantage of this
Riding the storm 'cause the climate's so warm
No tax for the rich!
And look at the fuck that I give
From you calling me disaster capitalist
Ey - that's sticks and stones
Ey - an attack that you missed
Ey - a slap on my wrist for putting on yours a shackle that fits
And ain't it so comfortable
Managed to convince you that by fucking you, we loving you
And if you take issue with them lashes on your back
It's superficial damage
Or why don't you ask your boy Albizu?
And you gon' tell me you darkies
Are now afraid of the dark? Please...
What'cha want, a better war than Lincoln's?
A people with no power
Bet you that metaphor won't sink in



released September 23, 2018
Music: Jean Shepherd
Rap Lyrics: Andrés "Velcro" Ramos
Vocal on Chorus, Background Vocals & Violin: Mireya Ramos
Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax & Flute: Francisco Cruz
Mastering: Esteban Piñero (EP Mastering)
Cover Artwork: Gabriel Rosario Mongil (@bebebambu88)


all rights reserved



Velcro Puerto Rico

Known mostly as a DJ hailing from Santurce, Puerto Rico, Velcro is also a prolific bilingual true-school MC with a catalog 8 albums and mixtapes deep, and a card-carrying member of the world-famous Rock Steady Crew.

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